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Most Saturday mornings we Wilsons try to make it down to the Farmer’s Market.

Some random factoids:

This past Saturday we finally remembered to grab the checkbook and bought some local grass-fed beef - and we subsequently enjoyed some of the best burgers to come off our grill.

Abbey had great fun “riding the handlebars” of the stroller.

She had even more fun eating her Italian shaved ice. Beth & I didn’t mind eating our own shaved ice, pretty tasty stuff.

I’m going to bring some cash for peppers next time we go and add a little spice to our grilled veggies.

This is a boring post, so I’ll stop typing and push post now. Thanks for reading.

A happy man observing a hillside of happy people making memories together on a huge slip-n-slide.

What a night!

I love that my church, City Fellowship Church, really knows how to enjoy each other.

[More photos are posted on my Facebook profile, if you care to see them.]

Abbey has a new best friend, her baton, a gift from Ms. Angie.

Here she is, baton overhead, watching the Incredibles in our backyard.

Why our backyard?

Wednesday nights are BYOBlank Party Nights at City Fellowship Church and last night the “blank” stood for “blanket” and a movie night beneath the stars.

It was a wonderful night.

At City Fellowship Church our Wednesday nights have been devoted to thematically lighthearted but spiritually invaluable community building.

Last week we teamed up to create superheroes from random household junk drawer items (Little Old Lady Man was voted “Official City Superhero” by those present).

This Wednesday kids & adults joined forces in a 5 inning metaphorically three-legged kickball game. At the end of the day, team Black Widow took the game into extra innings and came out with the win and the bronzed Big Baby trophy.

Kudos to the Black Widows. Kudos to brothers & sisters in Christ laughing and playing together.

Any other weirdos out there feel a twinge of guilt when you have to mix two different beans to get a full pot/decanter of coffee?

My apologies to the two excellent roasters who are caught up in this ethical quandary.