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my $5 amazon mp3 picks

I’m not going to claim these are the best 8 albums on the 100 for $5 list this month, but they’re the ones I want on my iPod … maybe you will too?

  1. Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes 
  2. The Head And The Heart by The Head And The Heart 
  3. Funeral by Arcade Fire 
  4. Only By The Night by Kings Of Leon
  5. Trouble by Ray LaMontagne 
  6. Johnny Cash’s America by Johnny Cash 
  7. Hail To The Thief by Radiohead 
  8. Phantom Punch by Sondre Lerche 

Let me know if I’ve led you astray … but I doubt if I’ll be hearing from you, so enjoy!

adoption: white friends, Asian country, African babies

White friends who live overseas in an Asian country just adopted African babies … two of them.  They get interesting comments and experience interesting situations.  Here’s a favorite:

On our first outing, a perplexed grandmother wrangled me within 10 steps of our doorway and started rapid firing questions.  

"So do you know a black person?” she asked.  

I hate announcing to the world that our babies are adopted because I don’t want them to be labeled that way, but when I realized the intention of her question was more in line with the biblical sense of the word “know” (ie-and he knew a woman), I made an exception to my conviction.

It wouldn’t take long for there be rumors floating around our apartment complex that the foreign chick had an affair with an African and birthed two babies of different ages without any evidence of being pregnant at all.  Not only miraculous but juicy gossip!

Watching Little Mermaid for the Nth time this week.

Abbey adores Ariel and, I predict, will ask to dye her hair red the moment she discovers that women color their hair.

She also now thinks forks are called dinglehoppers.

Beth left this note for me when I traveled out of the country last year.

I put it inside the cover of my Bible and consider it to be one of my favorite things.

Pool attire.

I never, not even once, get tired of this album. I cannot recommend Dark Was The Night highly enough.

Go get it and treat yourself to a couple hours of musical pleasure.

MP3 here

Vinyl LP here

At City Fellowship Church our Wednesday nights have been devoted to thematically lighthearted but spiritually invaluable community building.

Last week we teamed up to create superheroes from random household junk drawer items (Little Old Lady Man was voted “Official City Superhero” by those present).

This Wednesday kids & adults joined forces in a 5 inning metaphorically three-legged kickball game. At the end of the day, team Black Widow took the game into extra innings and came out with the win and the bronzed Big Baby trophy.

Kudos to the Black Widows. Kudos to brothers & sisters in Christ laughing and playing together.

Daddy was negligent, not realizing Abbey’s purse contained open markers.

Good thing Crayola markers are: 1) washable, 2) Non-toxic, and 3) not lipstick.

Any other weirdos out there feel a twinge of guilt when you have to mix two different beans to get a full pot/decanter of coffee?

My apologies to the two excellent roasters who are caught up in this ethical quandary.

Abbey’s celebration of the end of her pediatric endocrinologist visit included a friendly dolphin and a proud daddy.

Reading party with Liam.

Leon Kass’ “Wing to Wing, Oar to Oar” anthology is on my lap. Bon Iver, Bon Iver is on the turntable, again.

Not only is he unafraid of being stuck under the couch, Liam sees it as an opportunity to demonstrate his incredible upper body strength by doing a pushup with the couch on his back.

Rolled up under that couch, but Liam ain’t scared of no tight spaces. Liam smirks in the face of tight spaces.

Lunch yesterday was the Blind Pig in Butchertown, Louisville.

You should eat there if you like tasty food and/or waiters who resemble Zach Galifianakis.

They have a website.

First record.

First record player.

First listening party.

What a good night.

Thanks Justin Vernon & the rest of Bon Iver.

Feel free to make future payments for services rendered in grade A vinyl.

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