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An audio dramatization of the New Testament that will make you feel like you’re a kid again and your dad is reading to you before bedtime.

(A great help for those Bible reading Ney Years resolutions)

mellow out.

Justin Vernon & Sean Carey

If you love Wolvski’s music, you’ll also love these YouTube clips! 

The surreal is just a drive away →

Google Street View has helped out of a jam once or twice.

Turns out that other folks have a much more creative relationship with the location finding service … and sometimes the surreal really is just a drive away.

Click the heading above to check out some fascinating photos pulled from Google Street View.

This album by Shovels & Rope has been getting me through the last big push before the semester arrives.

Let them help you too.

If unexpectedly beautiful things can move you to tears, grab a bandana before you hit play.

Thanks for posting this taylorworley:

Enjoy the COLLABORATION of Yo-Yo Ma and Lil’ Buck… words fail in describing this display of mutual artistry.




So weird. So right.


Nailed It! (18 Pics)

I haven’t laughed this hard in the Internet in a LONG time.


happy anniversary, star wars.




A Tiny Step for Hands, A Giant Leap for Man

Zach Vitale didn’t set out to become a meme creator. And even if he had, it’s unlikely he could have predicted that meme would involve hundreds of tiny hands. He was your average photography grad, working at a Boston studio and spending his days retouching waify models for an online retail site. But he often found himself bored and unoccupied when his coworkers would go out to smoke without him.

So he gave himself a project: make one of the model’s hands tiny while they were gone. Have a good laugh. Get back to work. Repeat. Three years later — and with a hand from James Weinberg and Bob O’ConnorOne Tiny Hand was born, shrinking palms on everyone from Miss Piggy to Jay-Z.

What’s the strangest thing about making tiny hands?

Everyone’s hands seem huge now! It’s like the whole world is walking around with catcher’s mitts on.

What do you think people love about tiny hands?

It’s funny … I don’t really know what it is about tiny hands that I love, either. Maybe it’s that they’re so strangely random. They make us look a little harder at things we’re familiar with and question their truth. And there’s a wonderful moment that lies right between being uncomfortable and laughing out loud that we try to achieve with the tiny hands. I really like it when you don’t know whether to be amused, confused, or horrified.

What’s your most favorite celebrity tiny hand?

Kate Middleton. It’s this beautiful photograph, by Mario Testino, and then there’s this wrist cankle resting on Prince William’s arm.

If you weren’t tiny-handing, what would you be doing?

Well I really wanted to be an astronaut, but I can’t even tie my shoes (seriously), so that wasn’t happening.

And so you made us astronauts with tiny hands!

Yep. These are original photographs from the NASA Archives. We were intrigued by the era that these photos represent — this kind of mid-century vision of the idealized future. You know, back in the 1950s, we had this idea that robots could make you dinner, cars could fly … it was like the Jetsons in real life. Somewhere along the way we stopped dreaming the way we used to, but these pictures take us back to that place, and we want everyone to come along for the ride.

What do you tell your friends about your tiny-handing hobbies?

We’re three pretty normal guys who happen to have one not-so-normal website.

(via onetinyhand)

Hey friends, I’m hijacking my tumblr to help pass along important info to my church family at City Fellowship. Apologies if I got your hopes up that I had finally gotten around to posting birthday party pics for Liam & Abbey. I promise I’ll make it up to you.


… … .

To: City Fellowship Church
From: Pastor Russ
Subject: Urgent schedule information from City Fellowship


We have just received word about an opportunity that we don’t want to miss. This Sunday (April 22), the Mentoring Coalition of Jackson is holding a prayer rally in response to a recent upswing in gang activity and violence aimed at our cities youth. After looking into this event, we found The Mentoring Coalition to be an organization with a heartbeat very similar to that of City Fellowship, and this prayer rally to be something we felt we couldn’t miss..

As luck would have it the rally falls right at the start time for our church meeting.. But it just didn’t feel right for us to be holding our own worship service, with so many of our brothers and sisters of like mind praying together within walking distance of our building! So we felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to join them, in spite of the disruption to our usual schedule.. So we have made some adjustments. Here is the plan:

All 3:00 events will not take place this Sunday

We will meet at City Hall (101 East Main St.) at 3:30 pm., and pray along side our brothers and sisters (see the attached email below to learn more about the event itself).

After the rally we will walk back to our Church building and have a shortened service that will hopefully help set the goals of the prayer rally deep in our hearts

Please note that childcare will be provided once we are back at the building, but not for the rally itself (which is scheduled to run from 3:30-4:30)
Also note that, in case of rain, we will meet at the City Fellowship building at our usual 4:00 meeting time

We recognize that this has all come up very last minute.. We just received this information ourselves, and we knew it would probably be more prudent to maintain our normal schedule, given the late notice. But, as many of you know, the Lord has been at work among us lately concerning the very issues this rally is concerned with. We felt it would be important for us to put “feet on our faith”, and show that we literally are standing with our sister churches against the work of the Devil in our town..

We expect this to be an important day, so we urge you strongly to be there! Thank you for being flexible!

God be with us all..

Pastor Russ

Russ Pflasterer
City Fellowship Baptist Church

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